How Social Media helped us share our vision around the world as YouTubers – by PythonSelkan

We’re living in a world in which the more technology advances, the more our lives adapt to the constant integration of social media, which can nowadays even be accessed through the necessities we make use of in our everyday lives. Whether it’s a smartphone or an application-based touch screen found on a refrigerator or even a treadmill, the use of social media platforms such as YouTube or Twitter is always within our reach wherever we go and whatever we do, targeting audiences of all ages around the world. Whilst technology is steadily shaping our future, this notion also demonstrates how our world is continuously being kept connected through the powerful means of social media.

It wasn’t long until my brother and I started sharing our own theories through video productions - which generated popularity amongst fans of a particular franchise, with our theories being featured as news on popular gaming websites, shared on forums and a variety of social media platforms, written on published books, and even recognized by the director of the franchise himself - all from one single idea we presented on just one social media platform.

Having said that, as the Latin proverb goes, fortune favours the bold. You’ll never get anywhere you wish to be if you don’t work for it in return. If you are constantly looking to put your work out there, your content must be found on most of the platforms people enjoy using. Just because you are gaining enough attention from one place, doesn’t mean you will always achieve the same results. If you wish to grow your audience, it is ideal that your work is introduced on every social media platform you can find. In our case, even though our work is mainly featured on YouTube, by digitally marketing our work on other social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, our videos were able to reach a larger audience at an even faster rate. This also led to our work to be discovered by authors from popular websites after trending in its respective sector.

Our experience as YouTube content creators also led us to work as freelance editors by creating constant adverts for local events held in Malta, which would then be distributed on the organisers’ websites and respective social media platforms.

Another benefit of social media is that you can also discover other people’s talents and perhaps even collaborate with others who, like yourself, are doing their best to strive forward in the industry. Apart from our videos, through the years, we have also established a game project which broadened our methods of development, and thus required more people with different skills who we could share our vision with. Thanks to the potential of social media, we had the privilege to collaborate with a talented group of people such as artists, modellers, voice actors, and a music composer, who we all came to know through other projects across various social media platforms, and who were all kind enough to join us following our interest in collaborating with them. It’s not often that you get to know people who share the same passion as yourself and who would also be willing to help you out, but if you like something you’ve just seen on YouTube and you think the work behind it could be beneficial for your project, what’s there to lose by contacting its creator and asking for a collaboration? By uniting these talents and forming connections from different projects and different parts of the world, it was then possible to turn the project we had originally envisioned into reality. We hope that by sharing part of our journey with you, we were able to give you a little head start of what you can do when you aim to reach the world with your content. Ultimately, as long as you promote the work you’ve spent hours working on, social media will always be an asset for your growth.

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