What I have learnt about social media as a freelancer - by Zack Ritchie

Social media, has become the norm, if you’re not on it, you simply won’t be visible. It’s very easy to see social media as a pain if you think about the idea of endlessly sharing something. However, it doesn’t need to be that way, social media is there to help you not drown you in anxiety and panic. If this is the case, you might need to change your perspective on the topic. Remember that social media is there to connect us and to socialise.

The way I have overcome this hurdle is by looking at the feed as a story book, that captures what I was doing at that moment in time, I see it as if I am documenting my journey and sharing what I have learnt along the way. Social media has also taught me that today quantity is much more effective than quality. The lifespan of a post is not too long, perfection is a trap and simply doesn't work on social, unless you plan to re use and sponsor the content. Quantity is king, the reason being that frequency is a consistent reminder that you exist. Over time you will notice your baseline quality will improve, so don’t worry too much about perfection. Remember that social media feed is a journey documenting your growth.

Social media is not restricted to geographic location, so this means you can connect with people all over the globe. One thing I have learnt is people don't usually start a convo, so you need to take the first step, send a message to one of your heroes, reach out to that 3D designer you have been wanting to collaborate with. Collaborating is one of the most rewarding ways to use social, it’s when two like minded people come together and create something greater than themselves.

If you are looking to grow your audience, collaborating is the way to go, don’t get suck on the idea of getting featured on social channels with a large following. I have been lucky to have been featured on great social channels however the return is small if any. It is far more rewarding and engaging collaborating with like minded creatives, with similar audiences, that way you both can add more value and interest. (View my last Collaboration)

You don’t need to wait for an opportunity, start doing the work you love doing. Last year, I really wanted to design for the music industry, instead of waiting for an opportunity I tried to make one. It just so happened that Sean Kingston was schedule to play in Malta, so I made it a point to create a personal artwork for him in hopes to give it to him, unfortunately the print never reached Sean kingston.

Later that year, Earth wind and Fire where scheduled to play at Manoel Island, learning from my previous attempt, I contacted the organisation who were handling the event and expressed my love for the band and wished to give a token of praise. To my surprise I was invited backstage and got to Meet Al McKay and handed him his personal poster and watch him preform live. (View the documentation of this here )

There is no right or wrong way to approach social, its an ongoing lesson, what I have learnt is to be open and aware of my previous actions and improve on them. Hope this helps you save some time.

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