Why "old school" agencies came out on top during COVID-19

Updated: May 21, 2020

The COVID pandemic has hit thousands of local companies financially and what is surprising, "old school" agencies seem to be handling the current situation better than the "Google-esque" digital focused agencies / consultancies in Malta, mainly because of the premium price differences between the two.

Where we've seen massive redundancies in the modern agency model, traditional ones seem to have kept their business going without too much of a company structural change. Quite the contrary in fact. Surprisingly, one such traditional agency even offered to give an additional €10,000 in communications support and media space to the winner of the Lovin Malta Awards' social media cause / online community category, helping them to continue reaching out to the community. More info found here, whilst an example of a more modern agency model seems to have let go of 8 of their employees in one go, nearly 23% of their workforce, let alone offer additional incentives in these dire circumstances.

From this case study, has the traditional agency model, having been there for decades, found a better way of adapting in such situations? Is it more sustainable than the new model? Could this be the result of having more experience in the field? Let us know in the comments section.

Digital Native is not implying in any way that traditional agencies are better than the new agency model because the quality of work, most of the time, differs greatly between the two and for that you'll need to pay some proper money.

If you're building your own brand / company, let Digital Native help you. Avoid the common mistakes that most start-ups tend to make during their first years, it will bite you in the back years a few years down the line. #MakeItPersonal

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